Well Log Digitization

Well Log Digitization

Well Log Data Sourcing can convert all your hard copy well log data with any quality to reliable and interpretation ready data in a wide range of industry standard formats.

  • Digitizing Well Logs of all Types
  • All Logs Header information is captured
  • Smoothing of curves to remove anomalous values
  • Compositing and splicing several runs to one set

Quality Control :-

We don’t compromise when it comes to quality of work. That’s why we go through 3 Levels of QC before going to client.

  • LEVEL-1 The Junior operator performs Level 1-QC to assure that the converted file matches the original one.
  • LEVEL-2 The file enters Level 2-QC where the project manager plots the output file version and compares it to the original for accuracy. Errors and omissions are noted and the project manager works with the junior operator to assure that all errors and omissions are corrected as necessary.
  • LEVEL-3 :  The file enters Level 3-QC where the senior operator and consultants to our company reviews the corrected document for 100% accuracy.