Data Research

Data Research

There is an unending sea of information on the Internet which can be put to good use if organized correctly. Our experienced web based data researchers extract this informational gold mine for you by utilizing our time tested research methodology within a set timeframe, cost effectively. Our web researchers have accomplished many complex web based research tasks related to many knowledge field with high reliability and accuracy.

Adobe PDF Conversion

Well Log Data Sourcing is known for its specialization in PDF Conversion projects. Our modern tools with latest scanners and our deep knowledge enable us to make timely deliveries with high degree of accuracy and superior quality.

Well Log Data Sourcing can convert your paper documents, electronic documents like Microsoft word files, rtf files, html files or image files (tiff, tif or jpeg) into compact, searchable Adobe PDF files by using our latest scanning, imaging technology, data processors and Adobe tools.

We not only save your money but we are able to take your headache of creating electronic copies of your documents. PDF conversion requires attention to detail and is a slow process. With an expert team of Well Log Data Sourcing, having over four years of experience, you can automate the process for greater quality, capacity, turnaround and value.

Our PDF conversion services include

  • Paper document to Adobe Acrobat PDF conversion
  • HTML, XML to Adobe PDF conversion
  • Text & Graphics formatted adobe PDF creation
  • Any graphic format TIFF, JPEG, GIF to Adobe PDF conversion PageMaker, Quark Express, or Frame Maker to Adobe PDF conversion Ms-Word or RTF to Adobe PDF conversion
  • Searchable adobe acrobat PDF creation
  • Hyperlinks and Bookmarks creation within adobe PDF Documents
  • Accessible adobe PDF creation

We also convert Adobe Acrobat PDF Files to Ms-Word (pdf to doc), Ms-Excel, Ms-Access, FrontPage (HTML), XML and Ms-Perfect etc. We understand deadlines while our services are committed to meet your requirements with the backing of our principles commitment, consistency and reliability.

Document Conversion

If you are looking for an organization for accurate data conversion then you are at right place. Well Log Data Sourcing has good hands on experience in data conversion. We are converting case laws, judgments, court filings, contracts, statutes, articles and other legal materials from printed or hand written material into digital format. We can also convert documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, HTML, PST, MSG from one format to another format like .PDF, TIFF, JPG, DCX, TXT.

Well Log Data Sourcing has a team of experts who can convert any type of document into any type of format, you only have to send the documents through electronic method like scan and upload or through E-mail or send it physically like shipment.

We have infrastructure that is capable of doing not only bulk document conversion, scanning, OCR, OMR and ICR services but our latest techniques ensures error free work.

Why Outsource to Well Log Data Sourcing

  • Unparalleled Value – Due to our advanced technology we are able to deliver you documents in bulk at reduced rates.
  • Superior Quality – Our multiple points checking system ensures greater accuracy with greater integrity.
  • Speed – Adequate staff, latest technology and Electronic delivery and online transactions have enabled us to speedup the whole process with less turnaround time.

Image Processing

We at Well Log Data Sourcing provides exemplary Image processing service wherein the images of any categories are scanned, enhanced, optimized and converted into desired formats such as excel spread sheet or any other data processing format.

At Well Log Data Sourcing numerous steps are incorporated to produce the best quality image for an online catalog or any other professional catalog. Steps like image assessment then optimization, automated feature assessment and quality extraction, image keying, image extraction, keying and storage of the same are adopted. Few other features like 2D and 3D visual modification, change detection and mosaic king enhance the appeal of the images.

Background image editing too is carried out here at Well Log Data Sourcing at minimal cost wherein bad lighting and brightness, cropping of unwanted features like crowd or any other object from the background and poor composition are tackled with ease and perfection.

We at Well Log Data Sourcing offer image processing services like vectorization, image background cleanup, image signature and watermarking, image re-sizing and bordering, image masking, photo restoration etc. as well.