Well Log Digitizing

We offer custom and high volume digitizing capacity and one of the most experienced digitizing teams around the world. The company can tailor a large or small digitizing project to meet your schedule and budget. We can process any form of logs under rigorous, proprietory quality control procedures. Experienced professionals at digitize well logs by using automatic vectorizing and manual digitizing software, including header information.

Data format: LAS 2.0, LAS 2.10 and LIS etc. The company also  specializes in DIP  METER TADPOLE LOGS.

Filling up of headers information which includes well informations and well parametres.

Data delivery via: Internet, FTP and client’s personal software.

Software: Using NeuraLog Digitizing Software for Logs the most advanced automated log digitizing system in the world.

Working time: Our centre works from Monday to Saturday for round the clock to keep the work up to date.